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“While receiving counseling through the San Gabriel Valley SBDC I've had the opportunity to meet and work with Andrew on numerous occassions. He has been instrumental in helping me to create and implement fresh and effective marketing concepts to promote my practice. Andrew has also helped me to improve and maximize the ROI I was already receiving with some of my existing marketing. I highly recommend anyone who can use a boost in the growth and marketing of their business to contact Andrew. They will be greatly satisfied with his countless ideas, expertise, and reliability.” April 28, 2009

Jason R Rosano, D.C., Premeir Health Care, Whittier, CA

“Before I started working with Andrew, I felt stuck in my interior design business. I had been trying to find a way to improve my marketing efforts and raise them to a higher level.All of my previous marketing attempts had failed miserably. I am great at my trade, but, had never been able to market my services. I was just relying on word-of-mouth.

Then the economy turned south and a huge part of my regular clientele just dropped away. They weren't buying anymore. I knew I had to change in order to survive this new market and to find the marketing strategies I needed to make my business a success.

A friend told me about Andrew and I signed up. He was very patient listening to me and fully considering all aspects of my business. For the next several months, Andrew became my mentor as a small business marketing specialist. He opened my mind and taught me many new strategies.

He is a marketing genius! Andrew showed me some specific new ways that I could expand my business, helping me to create new avenues to attract clients and also products that give me passive income. He helped me to develop some taglines and an image that I could connect with and build way beyond what was currently in existence.

Each visit, I left with pages of notes that I could implement and find more outlets for new clients. I am only attracting my ideal client now and my business is beginning to grow. I am doing more of the work I really enjoy and less of the work I don't. I am excited about my work now and know that I can have the business of my dreams. Best of all, tafter working with Andrew for just 3 months, the average sale from each client tripled.” April 7, 2009

Jeanette Chasworth, Owner, Chasworth Place Interior Design

“Excellent advice on improvement of marketing pieces, from ideal client to attracting clients to selling directly to clients. Excellent advice on psychological aspects of clients. Excellent advice on website design and ad design.

Mr. Barden's knowledge goes beyond what is taught in the classroom for business, and addresses how to effectively market, which in this economy and for small business, is absolutely essential for survival. His tools I can implement immediately and effectively. If you have a small business and need help growing, he's got solutions. Thanks Andrew!” March 25, 2009

Gary Nakauchi, Franchise Owner, Roni Deutch Tax Center

“Over the course of almost twenty years as a director of several business development and economic development programs in the greater Los Angeles area, I have had the opportunity of interviewing and working with literally hundreds of people in different capacities as trainers, consultants, counselors and business coaches. Three years ago,

I had the opportunity of meeting Andrew Barden at a business retreat and conference. Since then, we kept in contact and watched him evolve as a business coach and trainer. When I learned that he was relocating to Los Angeles, I immediately asked him to join our team of Business Counselors and Trainers at the San Gabriel Valley Small Business Development Center (SGV SBDC), hosted by Mt. San Antonio College (Mt.SAC).

During these twenty years, I have developed a unique skill of spotting good talent. Andrew is an exceptional talent. When I witnessed his mastery of marketing concepts and high energy during counseling with our clients, I knew that he would be a great asset to our team. His work ethic, positive attitude, spirit of service, and caring for clients are hard qualities to find these days.

He is exactly the kind of person I want to work on my team. Andrew is very well versed in marketing and sales. His understanding of the psychology of consumer behavior gives him a winning combination of skills that produce results for our clients. He understands how to implement marketing strategies that produce the best results in the least amount of time.

His training and presentation skills are so unique that he engages the audience in ways I have not seen before. He delivers the content with a combination of entertainment and know-how that gets great accolades.” November 1, 2008

Daniel Morales, Director, San Gabriel Valley SBDC (Small Business Development Center)

“Mr. Barden can help you with nearly every aspect of your business planning needs, including: general business plan development, capital sourcing, cash flow analysis, customer relations, financing, human resources, incorporation, legal issues, management strategies, marketing and sales strategies.

Andrew is an extremely savvy sales and marketing expert, not only in traditional marketing but in new online business networking media as well. He is a strong communicator with a keen eyes for identifying waste and business process improvement opportunities. I recommend getting to know Andrew better as he is an asset to any business leadership team.” October 17, 2008

Steven Bonacorsi, Vice President, Six Sigma eLearning

“Andrew is one of the most passionate and committed I have met when it comes to helping small business owners. His ability to blend his background in personal development with the skills and strategies that small business owners need to grow their revenue makes him ideal of any contribution to the small business community.” July 20, 2008

Rick Lugash, Regional Owner, OneCoach Los Angeles

“Andrew has an amazing depth of knowledge about most business areas and a wealth of creative marketing strategies that even a novice could implement. He has an ability to quickly evaluate a challenging business situation and come up with a great solution to fit any budget.” July 18, 2008

Anna Bronstein, Partner, CraftySpace Web Development and Design

“It is a pleasure for me to introduce and recommend Andrew Barden. His ability to use his knowledgeable business mind coupled with his high integrity and patience was remarkable. He always made sure his clients got 10 times the value that they paid for. He was one of my most reliable Sales Executives and was highly respected by the management team.

His innovative ideas helped us to make sound decisions which led to some pretty good results. I am pleased to write this endorsement and will make myself available for any additional questions on his outstanding work ethic and/or character reference.” September 10, 2009

Reginald Batts, Corporate Sales Manager, OneCoach, Inc.

“Andrew is a person you look forward to working with every day. His charisma and attitude make the day so much fun. He is an extreme professional and puts others in front of himself every time. It was a pleasure to work with Andrew, learn from him, and get to know him on a personal level! Andrew would be a huge asset to any team!” March 5, 2008

Jeremy Broffman, Membership Advisor, OneCoach

“Andrew is an outstanding salesperson, I admire his work ethic, focus and determination...and his love of coaching and speaking comes from his heart...a real winner” February 25, 2008

Giles Fabris, Client Services Specialist, OneCoach

“Andrew knows how to ask the right questions and tough questions to help narrow in on the problems so that I could take my business to the next level. He is definitely an "out-of -the-box" thinker and innovator and has provided with me invaluable ideas. I trust his abilities as a business consultant and coach. I recommend Andrew without any reservations.” February 21, 2008

Sun Hee Kim, Lead Trainer, TESOL Training Center, Los Angeles, CA

“Andrew is a results driven professional who always put his clients interests before his own. When working with Andrew you will receive clarity on what to do with the challenging issues of growing your business. He is the professional who will deliver amazing results with your business! Contact me directly with any questions? 760-621-4193.” February 19, 2008

Derick Hembd, Membership Advisor, OneCoach

“Although I've only been working with Andrew for a relatively short period of time, he's already brought tremendous value to my business with his in depth knowledge of marketing and sales and overall business strategy. Part of his philosophy is to show up giving, and he does exactly that right from the start.

He is very fast paced, hard working, has a great attitude, and is an overall pleasure to work with. He comes up with very creative and innovative ideas that you can apply to your business right away. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone.” July 30, 2009

Erin Mester, CEO, LifeSpeed Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

“"I give Andrew a huge recommendation. My business is successful now, but just three years ago I was working at a private school and not enjoying it in any way.

I had lost the love of teaching I once had and was dreading going to work for someone else everyday. I really wanted to start my own business but I wasn't sure what would be the best bet. Because I never started a business before and had little capital saved to start a business, I was pretty unsure what my next career step should be.

I had witnessed Andrew help other business owners so I asked him to help me strategize and for the next year or so he helped me build a successful in-home tutoring business serving San Diego and the North County area. He both hooked me up with other consultants with special knowledge of business growth strategies and personally mentored me for about 200 hours.

I started my business with less than $10k in capital and I now manage over 15 tutors who travel every day to help students improve their grades. He even helped me name my company "Better Report Card Tutors," because the end result of a better report card is what parents care most about. He helped me develop a simple yet effective marketing strategy, and execute various marketing campaigns, including helping me develop a website which you can visit at

He also helped me execute a post card campaign, including guiding the design, picking the photo, and helping me write the sales copy. He helped me stay within my budget and attract my first group of clients. As a consultative sales specialist, he helped me develop a sales script (when clients call) based on the marketing campaigns and now I have close rate of over 50 percent.

For every touch point, from when my client first reads my marketing pieces or pay-per-click all the way to closing the deal and signing a contract, Andrew has helped me optimize the sales process, using words and images that most encourage my prospective clients to take action.

He is a powerful strategist and "brain-stormer" when it comes to small business growth strategies. The investment in Andrew's consulting has produced a manifold return, giving me an advantage over my competition and helped me enter a very competitive market place with strength, which in turn allowed me to turn a profit my second year into the business, much faster than most start-up businesses.

Again, I highly recommend Andrew to both start ups and existing business owners who are looking to grow their revenues, reduce their risk in developing marketing campaigns, and ultimately grow their sales faster. I'm happy to even give you my phone number to answer any questions.

Just call me at 760.230.4572. If you are looking to make more money in your business, Andrew has marketing solutions that produce strong ROIs. Give him a ring. You'll be glad you did. ” July 27, 2009

Jeff Bibler, Director of Better Report Card Tutors, Encinitas, CA

“Andrew Barden's ability to be effective in his work comes from his insatiable appetite for higher knowledge. He has helped me break through one of my glass ceilings, and I've seen him help others as well. If ever you need someone to motivate you to fulfill your own potential, look no further than Andrew Barden.” January 28, 2009

Tommy Friedman, Film Producer, Hollywood, CA

“Andrew brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the table. He has tons of resources as an expert networker and a sincere desire to help people. Through Andrew's coaching, I learned about small business development tools, the power of networking, having a positive attitude, and a lot of little things I use to this day. Andrew is one of the most inspiring people I know and he is a great connection. I highly recommend him as a coach or consultant.” January 15, 2009

Lindsay Woolman, Freelance Writer and Virtual Assistant

“I first met Andrew when I was coaching for OneCoach and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and heart for the new business owner. I am also familiar with his services and have sought his assistance. Andrew has the ability to understand the needs of his clients with a great grasp for the psychology of the new business owner. He specializes in helping new small business owners overcome all the initial obstacles that would keep them from being successful. He in an inspiring coach with a wealth of ideas and endless possibilities; he knows what kind of marketing message will get attention and can help clients write to attract, gain confidence and teach them how to research for results. Andrew is on top of the latest methods to build and grow your business and I highly recommend him!” September 22, 2008

Kathy Holdaway, Independent Business Coach, OneCoach

“Andrew is a great guy with integrity, honesty, professionalism, a great attitude and an impressive work ethic. I give him my highest recomendation.” September 19, 2008

Brett Maxfield, Attorney, Encinitas, CA

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