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Andrew has always had a giving nature, a heart of service, and this comes across in all that he does. He has had quite a diverse career, but, there is a logical thread throughout his career path: he's been teaching people how to apply universal principles, whether in non-profits or businesses.

He's been helping people ask the right questions and get the right answers. And he's become the 'quintessential networker.' He's been quoted as saying "It's my dream in life to help others realize their dreams."

Early in life he read widely from the great minds and hearts of eastern and western spiritual traditions, discerning the metaphysical "Laws of the Universe" that are apparent in all the major religious traditions.

And recently he's built upon this base of knowledge the study of the greatest business philosophers and strategists of present day and the last 100 years.

He has identified his own personal business philosophy. You might call it a “personal brand,” except that Andrew encourages others to adopt his philosophy in his training events and during one-on-one business consulting sessions. This philosophy is summarized as acting as a “Philanthropic Entrepreneur.”

The root of the word PHILANTHROPY is PHILOS, which means LOVE. So, when you LOVE your clients, as you would a brother or sister, you will give them what they need at a fair price. Right? Then, when your clients see that you deliver on your promises, they will start sending referrals. Then, you'll love your profits, as your marketing costs go down and your sales cycles go down, and your profits will ultimately go up. Plus, you'll have more free time to do more important things than just your business. Therefore, you'll love your life, as you can focus on what matters most. Thus, Andrew's slogan is “Love Your Clients. Love Your Profits. Love Your Life.”

If you're an open-hearted, service-oriented, prosperity-minded, and passionate person with a noble mission in life, then you have the opportunity to develop a supportive friendship with Andrew and his large network of friends and business associates.

Contact Andrew to start building a relationship that will help you achieve and maintain a balanced, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life.

Andrew Barden

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